Nutrition & Fitness Notion Template

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Attention all health and fitness enthusiasts! Do you have difficulty keeping track of your diet and exercise? Then welcome the Fitness and Nutrition Notion Template!

This template will help you manage, plan and organize everything related to your diet, exercise, and healthy habits. It features a mindfulness journal to help you focus on your mental well-being, a healthy habits tracker to keep you on track, and a shopping list to help you organize and plan your grocery shopping. With this template, you can also plan your meals and try new healthy recipes with the meal planning and recipe book sections. Stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals with the exercise list and workout tracker.

This template includes:

  • A mindfulness journal with some practices already included to take care of your mental health
  • A healthy habits tracker in which you can monitor on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis your progress in adopting healthier habits
  • A shopping list where you can add items to buy, organize your next grocery shopping trip, and know what you have in your pantry
  • A cookbook where you can write and organize your favorite recipes based on different categories
  • A weekly food plan in which you can enter your meals and the recipes you want to cook
  • A pre-filled list of exercises and workouts that you can customize and edit
  • A tracker of your daily workouts in which you can enter the exercises you will do during your workout (+ time, repetitions, sets, and weight). You can also track your progress weekly and monthly
  • A database dedicated to your fitness goals
  • A statistics section: you can check how many trainings you did this week and how long you trained

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the template?

Once you have made your purchase, you will be redirected to the template. Click "Duplicate" in the top right corner to duplicate it to your Notion workspace.

Can I ask you questions?

Of course! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. I'm always available and ready to help!

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Nutrition & Fitness Notion Template

76 ratings
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